A Money Tree Grows in Brooklyn… somewhere

If we let ourselves be intimidated by the awesome blog of a professional writer, we will never write our own.  While we sometimes exhibit at the same events, we often perceive different worlds. Not this time. We shared Greg Gibson’s world: Leaky roofs and outside toilets.

The new Brooklyn Antiques and Book Fair may not have shown us the deep pockets of the clientele attending Sandy’s Manhattan armory show but it at least brought new faces.  Lots of new faces.

A tree grows in Brooklyn.  The money tree we have yet to find but it is tantalizing close.  The trade often complains about the lack of young faces and interested, engaged customers.  This show had both.  We predict it will just take a little time for these newbies to develop into the collecting addicts we know and love.  And with a little luck and sustained efforts by promoters like Marvin Getman exploring new venues, and booksellers promoting their wares and offering affordable entry points, we’ll continue growing the next generation.

And when THAT money comes rolling in, we’ll all frolic at the beach.


Here are some of the items booksellers and antiques dealers had to offer: [slideshow_deploy id=’184′]




A show is always hard work: [slideshow_deploy id=’203′]



and it shows at the end of the show:

We will be back to Brooklyn and definitely to Peter Pan donuts for their white cream filled donuts.
Next time, perhaps we will share our dozen donuts.

What was your favorite donut – Red Velvet, Honey Dipped, Coconut or something else?